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When it's time to relax, there are plenty of restaurants to visit in the area, but you need to find something that suits your imagination. No, 84, 291 or I-384 have been in Hartford or elsewhere for some time.

If you fancy getting a bargain, Clinton and Westbrook are the CT Outlet Centers just a short drive away. Local shopping is right on the street, but there is more shopping at Clinton - Westbrook Shopping Center. You can also shop in a variety of local boutiques, restaurants and other local shops.

Both locations are located in the same shopping area, with a variety of restaurants and other local shops, as well as shopping at the Clinton - Westbrook Shopping Center.

Have a great time exploring South Windsor and if you come across another family friendly destination, please share it with us! Do you have questions about rating or information on this page? Do you experience family-friendly attractions such as the Clinton - Westbrook Shopping Center, Clinton Park, Windsor Town Center or other local shops, restaurants and attractions?

The property is a National Historic Landmark and is on the National Register of Historic Places because it is maintained, owned and used as a monument by the Daughters of the American Revolution in Connecticut. The house was built in 1842 as a home for the first veteran of the American Revolutionary War, George Washington and his family.

The library, which houses the Hartford Audubon Society collections, has rooms with various taxidermy and is also a great destination for bird lovers. The Society is about to open an educational centre which has a permanent exhibition of a number of treasures from the collection documenting the Windsor Records. Although the playground is not large, it is full of activities for children from 5 years.

Those who prefer to stay on site can take a nature walk along the 2-mile trail, go fishing by the picturesque pond, relax in the viewing pavilion, look out for wildlife or enjoy nature walks along a 2-mile trail. You can also walk the mile of private road now connected to the new middle school, which widens the footpath and provides a convenient way to watch your grandchildren. Think of it as a closed retirement home environment, like that found in many other parts of the state, such as Hartford, Connecticut.

If you're still dizzy from the fuschia flowers you've purchased, visit the Farm and Garden Center. There will be four days of demonstrations, including the Baby Chick Exhibition with a variety of baby chicks, a Dairy Cow Exhibition and an Oktoberfest Exhibition. Visit the backyard recreation area with a pool, tennis courts, bowling alley, golf course, playground and much more. Choose from pizza and bowling packages or have a party in one of the many restaurants and bars in the park, such as Pizza Hut, Pizza and Pizza Bar or Bistro.

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Located just a few miles from downtown, the New England Village is a great place to meet Forest Hill residents while enjoying the amenities of the pool, activities and clubhouse. The playground can also be a great place for a walk that spans the lake and Bissell Bridge. Feel miles away from everything in this tranquil forest landscape with affordable manufacturing homes.

The Northwest Park nature reserve can only be a community playground that offers a footpath. According to the city's website, the park consists of a 2.5-kilometer (2.5-mile) path system with bridges, promenades and bird blinds.

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