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The walks on the first day offer a great way to get out, enjoy nature and welcome the New Year. We offer individuals and families the opportunity to start the new year with a healthy walk on January 1st, by relaxing and connecting with nature.

When you get tired, you will find a covered picnic table where you can enjoy a packed meal and snacks, and you can also order pizza that you can eat in the lobby. Snacks and drinks are available, but eating outside the complex is not allowed. If frozen pudding does not cut, visit our ice cream shop where more than 15 ice cream varieties and flavors will seduce your taste buds.

The pre-recorded programme will be available on the City of Windsor Facebook page from 1.30pm and the discussion will be broadcast 1-2 days later. The discussion will be broadcast live from the city's website at 2 p.m., but the pre-recorded video will be available on our Facebook pages. It will also be broadcast on the local radio station at 3.45pm and will also be on our city website the following day.

Enjoy exploring South Windsor and share a photo of your first day hike on the AHRC Facebook page and tag us in your personal post. If you know other family-friendly destinations, please share them with us on our Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Call Maria at 860 - 644 - 1541 or log in using your e-mail address so that we can send you a ZOOM invitation. To register and call the Z OOM link and the telephone number, please call 8 60 6 44-1541. Find out where and how to meet and register using the "Z O OMOM" link below or by phone or by calling the number you have chosen.

Friends will be in the parking lot at 10 am, if help is requested, please be there until 9 am if you want a guide. Wildlife Viewing at the New Haven Wildlife Center on the Connecticut State Museum grounds from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

If you are already a member of Happy Bookers, Sandy will email you to start the discussion. You can send Sandy the recipe at sandyw @ libraryconnection or call her at 860-644-1541 and she will share it with the group. Add to the email list or register with Sandy by phone by email to be notified of how to register.

This event special is for youngsters aged 21 and over, so you should check it out before the start. Of course, you and your family can also eat, treat yourself to sweet treats and take a spin with mum and dad. The movie is also available on Prime Video, but you must own it and ask at your desk.

Help your little ones develop their early literacy skills by registering at http: / / / SWLGoose. Help your little ones develop their skills in early literacy and help them develop them with the help of the Windsor - Essex County Library literacy program.

Take part in an intimate concert and history class, visit the art gallery and see the local honey (we are still dizzy about the fuschia flowers we bought!).

Learn how to turn clay into a beautiful work of art, test your arms in a cage, go fishing in a picturesque pond, relax under the viewing pavilion, look for wildlife and get ready for one of the many prizes fully lit on a warm summer night. Bring a guide and enjoy a nature walk along the 2 km trail, learn to spot trees, sweat (as much of the trail is shaded) and explore unspoilt nature. Go birdwatching, enjoy nature walks along a 2 km long path and learn how clay acts as a medium for clay and how it transforms into beautiful works of art. Offer lessons or pampering for adults and children from 6 to 14 years and lessons for children from 3 to 5 years.

There will be virtual walks in several places around Pachaug, which participants can undertake in their free time. Friends of the Topsmead National Forest will be walking in the main car park at Topsmead. The program will meet at Zoom and participants will be provided with a link before the program starts.

According to the city's website, the park consists of a 2.5-kilometer (2.5-mile) path system with bridges, promenades and bird blinds. The programme goes through a series of Wear the Snow and although the playground is not large, it is crammed with climbing opportunities. This one is no exception and has a quiet garden that welcomes little explorers.

The discussion will be "Paris Hours" by Alex George, and the book that will be discussed will have been the subject of a recent article in the New York Times Magazine. A copy of this book is available at the circulation counter on the upper floor of the library and can be purchased.

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