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The museum has a collection of restored railway equipment and a restored 1903 station building that houses a museum exhibition of the history of the Danbury and Fairfield Railroad and the Connecticut State Railway. The museum's collection includes the museum building, the Railway Museum and a small museum in a square that includes an exhibition room, a library, an art gallery and an exhibition hall. As part of the Danbury Fairfields Multiple, which focuses on the history of the Danish region, this museum also has five buildings, including the Museum of Natural History, Ives Hall, the Museum Hall and the Museum Building. The collection building includes a gallery, exhibition room and exhibition hall, as well as a full-service restaurant and fitness centre.

The Hyatt is part of Greater Windsor, which is home to the Windsor - Essex County Convention and Visiting Office and a variety of other events and events.

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The Grounds Trolley Museum includes the grounds of the Trolleys Museum, including original trolley tracks, trolley cars and other artifacts from the Hartford - Springfield area. The museum's collection includes a large collection of historic cars from Hartford, Connecticut. Fairfield County Museum of Natural History and History, Windsor, CT includes more than 1,000 exhibits from Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, Maryland, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, South Carolina and Virginia. This includes an exhibition on the history of New England and Connecticut in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The highlight of the collection is an 18th century piece made by a DIY workshop on the site of a former home in Windsor, Connecticut, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Eight exhibition rooms house more than 1,000 items from the museum's collection, including a room dedicated to bank and Yale locks, as well as a large collection of ancient castles.

The Ellsworth family lived in the house until 1903, when it was given to the daughters of the American Revolution in Connecticut. Since then, the Elmwood has been continuously occupied by the Ellworth family and bequeathed to them in 1903. The founder and founder of the museum, Dr. William E. Ellington Jr., passed away peacefully on January 3, 2021.

You may remember that this tiny museum was exhibited at the site where the tracks were switched on and off in the early 20th century. Make sure to visit the museum, monuments and historical sites while traveling, and enjoy the opera and theater.

The New England Air Museum's collection includes 125 aircraft and 200 aircraft engines, many of which are on display. The museum, housed in the east building of Stratford Station, displays images and objects related to the history of aviation in South Windsor, Connecticut. The museum has kindly provided a 14-page booklet describing the 42 square quilts that represent something historically important about South Essex and Windsor.

The CT office in Windsor is a modern facility with a beautifully decorated reception area and is equipped with reading material to help you pass the time while waiting for your appointment. Get legal aid for directions and a map of traffic in and around Windsor CT and see the latest news and information on legal services in Windsor and Essex County. The representative of the company File is Angela M. Shea and she is based at 45 Wilton Rd, Windsor.

The district is surrounded by numerous buildings from the colonial era to the present day, and the 152-hectare property is home to the Sunken Garden designed by Beatrix Farrand (circa 1920). The Webb - Deane Stevens Museum, owned and managed by the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of Hartford and the Hartford Public Library, consists of four remarkable 18th century houses, three of which are National Historic Landmarks. The Museum of American Political Life on the Hartford campus of the University displays objects that are related to political life in the USA from its founding in 1876 until today.

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