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We offer a comprehensive and up-to-date property database that even includes the latest information on the current market price of homes in the South Windsor metro area. Our region has the highest number of people owning a home in our metro area, with a median value of $282,200 and a median value of just under $1,500. We show South Essex with the median home value ($281,200), which is higher than most places in our local area, and the median cost of the owner of about $2,000. SouthWindsor has the second highest home values in Rhode Island, with a median cost for a homeowner of about $3,300 and a median cost for a homeowner of about $1,798, both higher than some places in the South Windsor metropolitan area.

We also provide the frequency distribution of home prices in the area and are useful for understanding affordable housing funds compared to the state of Connecticut. South Windsor is 13.9% larger in terms of the median home price in Rhode Island, with a median price of $3,300. When we also compare the property taxes in South Windsor with the states in Connecticut (median: $5,746), we also show the rent distribution in our area and are 13.7% large.

Below is a map of the Tri-State Region, which includes Windsor, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York City. You can also use this map view to find home and apartment sales based on amenities in Windsor CT that you may want closer to home. There are currently more than 1,000 apartments and houses for sale in South Windsor, and you can search, view and search them in one place.

Use the match filter to find more than 1,000 homes and apartments in South Windsor, Connecticut. View a list of homes with a sales history of at least 10 years and use the appropriate filter to find the most recent sale and other properties in the area. View a map of home and apartment sales, with an overview of the current market and the sales history of an ad. Use the match filter to find out more about the last sale of a house or apartment or even more properties in the city of Windsor.See an overview of house and apartment sales and a breakdown of their sales history.

The beautiful city of Windsor, CT, is located in the south of the state, below the town of Hartford, Connecticut, just a few miles south of New Haven.

South Windsor, Connecticut, has 10 and is the number one state in Connecticut for median gross pension of $1,317. South Windsor shows that it has a median gross rent for a single-family home with a median income of just over $2,000, while the median gross rent ($1,317) is the highest of all Connecticut cities and the second highest in New Haven.

South Windsor is 19.2% larger and about 2.8 times the median property tax paid, compared to the US average of $2,375.

In fact, the average selling price of a home in Windsor has risen to $406,861 by 2020, and more than 1,000 homes are for sale in South Windsor. Jan Windsor Knoll is just 15 minutes from I-85 and the surrounding schools are all within five minutes drive, two of them within five minutes. There are three schools in the area: Windsor - Windsor Elementary, Windsor Middle School and Windsor High School.

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