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If you're just visiting the East Main and Huntington in Connecticut over the weekend, there are some beautiful parks, museums and attractions to see. Elizabeth Park and Rose Gardens also have a sports and leisure centre where you can play tennis and basketball, as well as a playground where children can feel free to ride on the swing in the playground. There are also a number of casinos in the area, including New Haven Casino and Mystic River Casino. If there is a reason to be excited about visiting Connecticut, it is probably because of the beautiful parks and museums you will see in Windsor, Connecticut.

The library, which houses the Hartford Audubon Society's collection, is also a great destination for bird lovers, and has a room filled with various taxidermy items. Finally, the Museum of Connecticut History displays exhibits detailing key events in Connecticut history.

South Windsor has many restaurants, but the best New York pizza is hard to find and most kids won't turn down it. At the fall Chowdafest in Westport, you can sample some of the city's best craft beers and enjoy a variety of craft cocktails. Windsor is also known for producing "the best alcohol in Connecticut" and is known for its craft beers such as Budweiser, Miller High Life and Old Fashioned. Windsor not only has many museums and historic ruins, but also hosts one of Connecticut's most popular tourist attractions, the Windsor Historical Museum.

The enjoyment factor of this destination, located just outside the Ellington border, makes it the perfect choice to include it on our list of attractions in South Windsor. Enjoy exploring South Essex and the beautiful Connecticut River views from the Windsor Historical Museum. If you come across other family-friendly destinations, please share them in the comments below!

The Canal Trail is one of the oldest known master plans for the Connecticut River Canal in the United States. The canal was built with the intention of saving the boat traffic from the waterfalls and access to the New Haven River.

After a fatal accident while crossing the road, a new bridge over the New Haven River, the Windsor Bridge, was installed on the tracks that lead the route from Palisado Avenue to Windsor Center. There is an Amtrak CTrail Hartford Line train that stops at the station and a siding at Windsor Station that allows cars to explore the Connecticut River Trail, Hartford Bridge and Riverfront Trail.

Routes 32, 34 and 36 run from Windsor Center and Downtown Hartford to Windsor and Poquonock Avenues. The Route 15 Windsor Express, which runs from I-91 to Hartford International Airport, Windsor Airport and other Hartford locations, provides access to and from Park & Ride Lot Po Quonsock. Other unincorporated areas of Windsor include the Shoppes of Buckland Hills in Manchester, a shopping centre with restaurants, shops and retail outlets, and a grocery store. From Copaco's in Bloomfield to the New Haven County Courthouse, 92 routes run between Hartford and Windsor and downtown Hartford. Shops in Bucklands Hills and Manchester cater to a variety of businesses, from grocery stores and restaurants to restaurants and hotels.

The lowest point of Windsor is on the Connecticut River, and its highest point, Pinnacle Peak Rock, is at 580 meters. At the intersection of Windsor Road and Poquonock Avenues, south of downtown, it is the second highest peak in the state and the highest in New Haven County. This place offers great views in Windsor and is a haven for regular golfers, overlooking Hartford, Hartford City Hall, the Hartford Courthouse and other buildings.

Windsor has a pedestrian area and a traffic-oriented city centre, and is within easy walking distance. There are beautiful historic buildings, including Windsor Train Station, built in 1869 and now home to several artists "studios. The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art houses a permanent collection, is one of the largest contemporary art collections in the United States and the second largest in New Haven County. The Windsor Art Center is home to the Hartford Art Gallery and regularly organizes concerts by well-known artists, as well as a variety of other events.

Windsor offers accommodation at the Residence Inn Hartford - Windsor, Connecticut, which costs $1,2500 per night and is available for stays of 3 to 5 weeks in Connecticut. The Res residence in Hartford, Windsor, is one of the most popular long-stay hotels in the state of Connecticut, meaning it is a great choice for those staying up to 3.5 weeks in Connecticut and beyond.

If you want to move to Hartford County, CT, take the time to search the local communities operated by Aspen Communities, which include Aspens Highlands and Aspin Woods. According to Sperling's Best Places, the cost of living in Windsor is about $1,500 a month for a one-bedroom apartment and $2,000 a week for two bedrooms. A two-bedroom apartment costs $3,200 a day, or $4,600 a year, and the average person in Windsor earns $35,700 a year, just over half the median household income in Connecticut.

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